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How can guest blogging help in local search engine marketing ?


Well these days the whole concept of search engine marketing is changing. It is almost now an unknown territory that what will work and what will not work. But one thing is sure that if we target the right market and do the content as per the user requirements and not as per search engines we will get the desired results. And what is the desired result ?  Desired results are getting the right kind of visitors who will finally covert into sales for your product and services.

So now the question comes can any type of guest blogging helps anyone in local search engine marketing. And the answer to this is yes, it does. Any type of blog post which is done with the aim of user interaction and with right kind of tone will help in all types of marketing be it localised or even in general ranking. While doing any type of guest blogging the point that needs to be kept in mind are:-

  1. Guest post should be on relevant topic and should not be keyword stuffed instead it should make a relevant and interesting read for the market you are targeting
  2. Blog post should be done on blogs which are relevant to your market, areas and product line. It should not be that a services targeted for US market should be published on an asian blog or a product for a UK market should be published on an Australian Blog. So keep the blogs localised and get the over all direct traffic benefit as well as advantage for local search engine point of view as well.
  3. Linking within the content should be relevant and not only on commercial keywords. Branding should be given more importance and so should be proper long tail keywords and not just money keywords. This also plays a very important role and can make and break the benefits of guest blogging.
  4. If we want to take the advantage of localised search then we have to make sure that the guest blog post which we have done is promoted through the local channels as well. We can do local promotion of that blog post on relevant local blog directories or energize local people to come and comment on such post as that will be a natural way of promoting and diverting the local traffic on the blog post.

In the end everything comes to one that and that is if any sort of link creation is done even via local guest blogging or any other medium it is necessary that it is done in proper manner, with natural ease and in moderation. Anything and everything which is natural is good if done in proper, constructive and moderate manner.